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Inovative, yet simple, computer technology

Last update : Mon 07 Sep 2015, 15:55

Computer: a vast universe full of surprises and discoveries

Demystifying IT

With the advent of broadband, Internet widespread until our distant campaigns, computers have gradually invaded our daily lives.

Many people use computers every day without knowing how it all works.

How true it is that we should not be a mechanic to drive a car, read emails does not require a degree in computer programming. However, it may be useful to understand the overall functioning of his car to see if the noise requires the intervention of a mechanic or know where the cap window washer fluid to top-up self.

We will try to popularize the terminology and explain the major IT principles so that everyone can feel at ease in operations, which after all, are simple but that frighten most of us.

A passion above all

IT is an exciting universe, that is if we do not stop at the language barrier - because it is above all an English speaking world - nor the supposed complexity we want to have us believe. The language barrier is no longer really because, nowadays, it is easy to find online automatic translators. These tools certainly will not allow you to translate text in perfect French, but to help you understand the gist provided that we use a little intelligence to fill the gaps syntactic machines.

The second major obstacle is the apparent complexity of IT. Or, to use the analogy with the car, even if the current engines are complex, their operating principles are fundamentally the same: admission, explosion, evacuation. IT is governed by a single extremely simple law: the binary. Either there is electricity, there is none; then "0" or "1" or "Yes" or "No".

All computing is thus based on an extremely simple system.

Simple computing explainations